About Us

About Us

Welcome You

to Ban Somtum!

It is our pleasure to prepare for you the finest authentic Isaan Thai Cuisine in the Northwest.
Since 1987, Prayat Nasawang has worked to refine the exquisite flavors of his native Thailand and present them to delighted customers in the greater Seattle area. Determined to give diners an experience of authentic Thai dishes, he joyfully opened his first restaurant in 1995.

Prayat’s passion for cooking began very early in the Isaan region of Thailand. His mother recognized her son talent and encouraged his interest, teaching him the secret of great Isaan-Thai cuisine:

Selecting the highest quality, fresh ingredients.

Balancing the five fundamental flavors and a broad range of native spices.

Presenting each meal artfully and with great love.

Today, Prayat and his assistants make every effort to keep his menu fresh and exciting. He found his sous chef, Kamonchanok, who is also come from Isaan and previously Isaan chef herself and the two dream up unique combinations with seasonal ingredients that change daily. Everything is prepared by hand. This is a labor intensive process; but in the Ban Somtum kitchen, quality is never compromised.

Every year, Prayat visits his homeland again. He tours the vendors and markets seeking exotic combinations from the four regions of Thailand. Then he brings these wonderful flavors back to us.

It is his great honor to share this passion for fine, authentic cuisine with you.

Please, come in!

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